First Impressions: Flipships


Play this thing against a wall.

Or invest in a net.

Or play the whole game on an uphill slope.

Whatever you do with Renegade’s ‘Flipships’, don’t set it up so the mothership end of the play space is on an edge of the table. Or you’ll spend half your time on ship-salvaging duty. And with anything dexterity related, the first game is ROUGH. The core mechanic is that you have a bunch of little discs (read: ships) that you put on the table edge, and flip them at alien ship cards. You gotta flip the ships though. The name isn’t ‘slapships’. And the execution of such a simple task, with accuracy, is a lot harder than I first thought.

You might think that’s a bit off-putting. And yeah, it is a bit. The first 10 enemy ships line up, and we maybe hit… one? twoooo of them? and they all space-invader their way down, making room for TEN MORE OF THE FUCKERS NEXT ROUND. Arguably this gives you a large canvas upon which you’ll splash your deadly paint. On the other, I felt overwhelmed by the expectation the game had of me. “whadaya mean you can’t hit these 15-20 cards on the table with your little dudes? Are you a bit special?” I hear the box ask.

But hey, that’s only after a first play. I will admit the novelty of the game had us all in smiles, and we all laughed at our sheer inability to defend the home world. Not a single shot at the mothership ‘bucket’ was made, and I expect to never see that in my lifetime. I guess we have Youtube for that. Like, I’ve seen some play-through videos for flippydips, but you never see the guy flipping the ship AND it landing in the motherbucket in the same frame. I’M JUST SAYIN’.

The rule book had a hole or two. It never explicitly states anything about when your ships acquire the ‘powers’. Turns out each ship level just… has the associated ones for their level? I had all the overpowered laser shooty-bang-bang ones that let you hit things within range of where your ship landed. I recommend giving these to younger players to protect their self-esteem early on.

As for said mechanic, I’m so used to upgrades and extra dudes being something you choose to invest in. In flappyslaps you just get more and better ships only when you take damage. “Looks like you need a bit of help, friend. Here’s an extra fighter and a cruiser. Why not” the box taunts at me. I wonder if there exists a play-test version of floppyshops where you could forgo launching your ships in favor of upgrading them. But less is more here I think. You flip ships, the bad bois come out, and you say ‘no bad bois pls’. It’s simple, and I hope I can build up the skill to one day say it works.

Thing is, I don’t own any of the ‘flick ’em up’ series, so I’ll keep flipships around for the uniqueness factor.

Also when you flip the logo upside-down it’s the same thing. Why hasn’t this hit the top of r/designporn yet?

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